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«Sacred Baikal mini»
Plan a special vacation for this winter and take a trip to a real Siberian fairy tale
Sacred Baikal
Group size
от 7 лет
до 8 человек
4 дня 3 ночи
Уровни сложности:

1. Базовый: физическая нагрузка минимальна

2. Средний: вас ожидает умеренная физическая нагрузка

3. Продвинутый: нужна хорошая физическая подготовка и выносливость

4. Сложный: необходима отличная физическая форма и высокий уровень выносливости
Elegant stalactites made of pure frozen water shimmer brighter than the most expensive diamonds. Dark blue ice beckons with its transparency. Soft fluffy snow turns the coastal landscape into a snow-white fairy tale. You will find all this on the eastern side of Lake Baikal. Come to Buryatia!

Take off grottoes with meter-high icicles and ride snowmobiles. Try to perform a toe loop or pair spin on the ice of the deepest lake in the world. Catch snowflakes and insights while sitting in the thermal springs of Lake Baikal. Touch Buddhism and the culture of the Old Believers and enrich yourself spiritually.

Ground yourself to slow down, recuperate and catch your breath. Feel the energy of one of the strongest places on earth. Arrange yourself an incredible winter adventure on Lake Baikal.
Маршрут тура
Tour program
Day 1
At noon we leave for a sightseeing tour of the city. You will find out what the local Arbat looks like and take an unusual photo with an eight-meter head of Lenin.

Get ready to learn new words: we are waiting for a delicious lunch in a Buryat cuisine restaurant. Hot khushuurs, fragrant bouzas and mouth-watering bovs — the nomads' food is natural, healthy and satisfying.

Ahead is an excursion to the Ivolginsky Datsan - the center of Buddhism in Russia. You will find out how many religions are intertwined in our republic, admire the sacred Bodhi tree: it grew from the sprout of the tree under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment. Watch how the sand mandala is born. Marvel at the patience of the monks and learn more about the sacred symbolism of this ancient ritual.

They are already waiting for us in the village of Tarbagatai — the Old Believers of Transbaikalia live here. Listen to their songs - perhaps your grandmother sang something similar to you as a child. The singing of the Old Believers is included in the list of masterpieces of the oral and intangible cultural heritage of mankind. Cook dinner in a real Russian oven and try to pick up a spinning wheel. See how the Old Believers lived and live, and find out how they manage to honor traditions and fit them into the modern way of life.

We have a big dinner - we are waiting for dishes of traditional Old Believers cuisine and a couple of stacks of real Siberian moonshine on pine nuts.

There is 220 km of the way ahead - we are waiting for one of the most beautiful places on the coast of winter Baikal. We arrive in the village of Maksimikha and move into a cozy and warm guest house. A bathhouse on Siberian herbs is already waiting for us
Welcome to the hospitable Buryat land!
Stay in cozy rooms, relax and gather your strength, we are waiting for a busy day.
You will see:
  • Sightseeing tour of Ulan-Ude
  • Ivolginsky datsan
  • Village of Tarbagatai and Old Believers
  • You will try:
  • National Buryat cuisine
  • Cook dinner in an old Russian oven
  • Yourself in needlework and take a spinning wheel in your hand
  • Old Believers' cuisine and moonshine on pine nuts
  • Power on:
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
Day 2
You will see:
  • Chivyrkuy Bay
  • Ice caves
  • Ust-Barguzin settlement

You will try:
  • Ride cheesecakes and winter banana
  • Catch fish
  • Swimming in thermal springs in the open air
  • Rich fish soup from local fishermen

Power on:
  • Breakfest
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
You will learn why the two islands of the bay are called Naked and Shaggy, and you will see with your own eyes numerous ice caves. We will ride on cheesecakes and a winter banana, try to catch the biggest fish and eat rich fish soup visiting local fishermen.

Our walk will end with a swim in the thermal springs under the open sky. Don't forget bathing suits and power bank — these photos will decorate your Instagram. Relax after an active day and catch the beauty of the moment.

We are going back: the hospitable hosts will cook us dinner. It's time to exchange photos and impressions, put emotions on the shelves, play board games and drink warming mulled wine.
Today you will plunge into a real winter fairy tale:
we are going to Chivyrkuysky Bay! This is one of the most amazing places on Lake Baikal: nature practically untouched by man, rock inscriptions, large and small islands and hundreds of ancient legends.
Day 3
You will see:
  • Olkhon Island
Cape Khoboy and the Three Brothers Rock
  • The very "instagrammed" ice of Baikal
  • Ice caves

You will try:
  • Baikal Ice crossing
  • Learn the ancient legends of the sacred lake
  • Feel the powerful energy of Olkhon

Power on:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
We will go to it on the ice, and on the way the guide will tell you the ancient legends that envelop this amazing place. Olkhon is a relict forests and picturesque plains, sand dunes and sharp rocks, healing springs and even an extinct volcano. This place impresses with its authentic beauty, powerful energy and the ability to stop the passage of time.

To begin with, we will study the northern part of the island. We will visit Cape Khoboy and the Three Brothers Rock. This is where the "instagrammed" clean and smooth ice of Lake Baikal is located. Besides him, there are many ice caves, grottos and sokui - water that ran like a wave and froze in the moment.

We spend the night on the spot: in a small cozy hotel.

It's time to explore the opposite shore — one of the most sacred places of Lake Baikal is waiting for us: Olkhon Island!
Day 4
  • Seeing off
  • The way home
It's time to say goodbye. We know exactly what you will take with you: love for Lake Baikal, inner strength and calmness for the year ahead and, of course, emotions from the first buza you ate.

Remember: here, on the eastern shore of the Great Lake, unforgettable adventures, a hospitable welcome, the opportunity to slow down and reboot your thoughts and feelings are always waiting for you.

Come back and bring your friends, parents, and children with you. We have a lot of interesting places that take your breath away. Baikal and Buryatia are beautiful at any time of the year — we will find you a tour for any season, any activity and any request.

The price of the tour includes:

1. Accompaniment by a professional guide throughout the entire route.

2. Accommodation in the guest house "Kumutkan" or "Legends of Baikal".

3. Accommodation in a guest house on Olkhon: comfortable double rooms, shower in each room.

4. Accommodation in Ulan-Ude: hotels "City Park", "Sagaan Morin" or "Hunnu Hotel".

5. Transfer by comfortable bus or minivan.

6. Three meals a day.

7. Excursion program.

A week of amazing discoveries, bright adventures, new acquaintances and positive emotions will cost you in
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Plan a special vacation for this winter and take a trip to a real Siberian fairy tale
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